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St Andrews

Ten Years Anniversary for William and Kate, and still nothing but Rumors

Ten years ago Prince William and Kate Middleton have first met at St Andrews University in Scotland. While many of Kates friends are now married and starting their families, she isn’t even engaged. One friend said to the Daily Star: “She can hardly believe that all those years have slipped by and she’s still uncertain about the future.” According to the press, William has promised to make an announcement within months. more

William and Kate don't attend friends wedding

Last weekends wedding of Fergus Boyd and Sandrine Janet was expected to be one of the biggest reunions of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s fellow students since they graduated from St Andrews almost five years ago. The second in line to the throne and his girlfriend had accepted, but Mandrake hears that, late in the day, they reluctantly decided not to attend. Rumors are, that it was because the newlyweds have extended their circle of friends considerably since their university days, and not all of which seemed trustworthy to the prince. more

Prince William and Kate Middleton left off university alumni list

Prince William and his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, have been left off the alumni list at St Andrews University’s new £2million museum. Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie, actor John Cleese, and Olympic champion Chris Hoy, have all made the list. more